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swellesley tag


pictures of me: my faaace

froommates: roommates assemble

claflinites: appreciative snapping

my photography: photography 

since I occasionally reblog photography some things that I haven’t made work their way in there. sorry! My portfolio is a tad more reliable.

very very occasionally I reblog giveaways and if you don’t want to see that blacklist #satya is incredibly annoying

sometimes prospective wellesley students ask me questions and if that’s not a thing you need to know blacklist #swellesley tag

if you are a prospective/entering wellesley student please do not anon message me! I’m happy to talk about things but sometimes topics come up that I’d like to discuss without spamming my followers who aren’t interested- so feel free to message with your account so that I can reply.

also I try to tag things with trigger warnings but I do miss that sometimes! please let me know if I do!